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Specialized Software

Development & Consulting


We are a leading provider of software solutions for risk management, credit rating and scoring as well regulatory reporting in South-East Europe. In addition to software development, we have provided bespoke risk consulting, together or separately to our software implementations.


Our software products have been implemented successfully in leading financial institutions locally, regionally and internationally. Our local bank clients account for 60% of the total Serbian banking balance sheet. Overall, our clients range from systemically important banks to boutique consultancies and start-ups. We are expanding both geographically and across product lines.

RiskGuard* 3.2

Our Basel Compliance Suite

RiskGuard* 3.2 is a software solution for risk management, enabling Basel III Pillar 1 and 2 calculations, as well as fulfilling regulatory and financial reporting standards. In addition to offering streamlined calculation of key indicators, the solution includes compliance reporting based on COREP and FINREP templates, fully localizable. Powerful routines used in calculations are optimized for working with large banking and trading books.

RiskGuard* a complete set of tools for Basel calculations, regulatory reporting, ALM, ICAAP and ILAAP


Our IFRS9 Tool

Select-9* is a powerful, flexible, easy to use and transparent software for calculating credit impairment based on IFRS9 standard, including mandatory as well as a plethora of optional triggers. In addition to its key calculations, Select-9* offers reporting based on FINREP.

Select-9* tool for all IFRS9 needs
AccuRate a powerful modeling tool for IRM


Powerful IRM Tool

AccuRate* is a software solution for development, validation and automated selection of optimal credit rating and scoring models using state-of-the-art machine learning and econometric methods. Modeling in the process is fully aligned with regulatory requirements, and it can be used to transition from standardized to internal ratings-based approach in calculating RWA in Basel III framework.

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